My brother Ollie, and I, have recently released a new iPhone app, called Beyond Meditation.

The app has a number of free audio levels, which progressively take you to a deeper feeling of relaxation, over a number of months.

Just listening for ten minutes a day, can be hugely beneficial to you.

Download the app here:

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As of November 24th 2014 The Full binaural beats audio meditation program contained within the app is totally FREE – for a limited time only – get it while you can, and enjoy very deep, relaxing meditation!

Using the app is as simple as selecting the Level track you are on (beginning with Level 1) and then selecting any Ambient track to go along with it. A large selection of beautifully crafted Ambient tracks are provided (including nature sounds, bells, gongs, bowls, chimes and ambient music) BUT you have to hear them to believe how good they really are.

Meditation is the state you reach when all of the conditions are right, and our precisely engineered, powerful, high quality audios stimulate the best brainwave conditions for deep meditation. New mental clarity, peace of mind and awareness are the result of consistent use.

Each level is followed by a deeper level until the last level (Level 10). It takes 30 days to complete each level.

The audios in this app are designed to be safe when used as per the instructions, which must be read before use.

NOTE: You may purchase all of the further levels from within the app in one transaction at a 60% discount over their individual in-app purchase price (look for the “Buy All” button within the app’s sidebar).